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What is Caranto?

Caranto is a range of products designed to make your kitchen even more personal. Caranto is synonymous with elegant design and superb quality, especially as regards technical worktops, and each and every different model is built to the most exacting standards of quality and design. The wide range of finishes, both in quartz and in ceramic stoneware, offers an infinity of combinations.


"The existence of a layer of hard caranto found on the bottom of the Lagoons is the reason why the tall, heavy buildings of Vinegia and the other islands, though resting on wooden piles, never fall down. If the palisades are well-made, and the piles rest on the caranto, on this hardest of surfaces, they will never cede".

Memorie storiche de’ veneti primi e secondi del Conte Giacomo Filiasi.
Tomo Sesto, Parte Seconda. 1797


Venice. It's a symbol, the emblem of a society whose greatest strength lies in the capacity to thrive even under the most difficult of circumstances. Venice and Caranto have a permanent bond. This is why it is so easy to link a material which is so hard and technical and yet so versatile to the city built on the water and criss-crossed by canals. Venice symbolizes not only strength and resilience, but also a capacity to create objects which improve the daily life of people everywhere. The Caranto logo melds into Caranto Ker for the ceramic-based worktops, and Caranto Quartz for those in quartz agglomerate.

Factory 4.0

An ultra-modern production facility, a blend of technical skill and automation extending over an area of 10,000 m2, dedicated exclusively to the transformation and handling of the raw materials. The new production plant is the end result of careful planning and the choice of a technological system which is flexible, agile and highly-efficient.


Technical informations

As part of our range of hi-tech worktops, both versions of Caranto – Ker and Quartz – stand out from most of the other 'technical' tops on the market for their clearly superior performance. The different characteristics of the two versions will meet the needs of all clients.

Resistance to UV ray
Resistance to bending
Resistance to freezing
and thawing
Resistance to abrasion
Resistance to chemical

Use and maintenance manual

Logo Caranto Ker
Ceramica / Ceramic Stone / Céramique / Cerámica
Logo Caranto Quartz
Agglomerato di Quarzo / Quartz Aggolmerate / L'aggloméré de Quartz / Aglomerado de Cuarzo

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